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June 24, 2008

Social Media Breakfast – Boston

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I went to the Social Media Breakfast today. While the information was good, most of it was not of interest to me. The focus and presentations of this meeting was online marketing strategies. I should learn to care more since I’m all about online radio…but I’m heads down coding antenna0.com right now.

Overlay.tv stood out to me. They also sponsored the meetup and presented. Anyone that feeds me is my friend. Overlay.tv is like YouTube.com, but you can overlay the video with click-able contextual information. Like the pants someone in a video is wearing? Click on them and get linked off to the place that sells them. Commissions from affiliate links are split 50/50 between the video creator and Overlay.tv, nice!

I spoke to the CEO, Rob Lane, and told him I’ve heard this concept tossed around a lot in the past, so what made them take action and do it? The wife of another co-founder was watching Sex and the City (hate the show) and wondered where she could get those really fab pocket books.

Anyway, I think it’s a great idea but I wonder if there will be enough affiliate sales to make this ship float. Though I think most products will be fairly high dollar items (clothes, electronics, so on), so that’s good. Still these guys are not stupid, and they are aware of the average conversion rates and have crunched the numbers. They are aware it’s not easy. I’ve always thought additional information relevant to the content would increase conversion rates, and that’s their plan.

They are also getting approached by companies with specific needs, and they’ll naturally charge a fee for that. For example, some record labels want a little more hands on help getting artist related videos in there with custom features, and hopefully sell more product and some custom features. This is another good way for Overlay.tv to make money.

I wish these guys well.


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